Com inspira la natura a la meva feina?

como la naturaleza inspira mi trabajo Gina Portera
The contact with nature open of creative on all sensible human being.
For me it was definitively leave the city and move my residence to the coast. A village on the Catalan coast, very close to the sea.

The walks along the beach early in the morning or sunset, I have provided unforgettable moments of peace and quiet where I could expand my mind and get carried away by all the stimuli that nature is giving me along I walk.

The influence of the sea, the sun’s heat and light, the breeze and the smell of salt are accompanying me on the tour while I wet my feet in the water. It is a meditative act that is rocking my brain and gradually open to curiosity, search and observation.

Pick shells, ceramics, stones and sea glass, shaped by the salt water and rubbing the sand on the shore, creates forms of infinite beauty.
This is the raw material and then make my “Creations of Author” “Natural Jewelry” and “objects Artefunción”.

In my painting the presence of the sea, land, water and human being is a constant that rooted me to the Mediterranean tradition of love for the manifestations of the natural life and the omnipresent light around me to do.
In short I will present my latest creations that arise from a great love of nature and beauty.

By Gina Portera

¿Es pot viure de l’Art?

gina pórtera selfie

Throughout my entire artistic life on many occasions I have met with the question:

Can you live in art?

For those who have the gift of creation this question always generates a certain perplexity. Input for the Arts, for whom it creates, is not in itself a work through which “expect” live and pay bills. Art is a way of life where the creation is everywhere.
The logical and desirable consequence is that you can live your passion and your gift although that has to pawn all your efforts and resources to achieve it. Also you know that there are plenty of good and talented artists who do not. For those who want to achieve here’s my advice:
Do not believe those who repeat again and again that art does not help to make a living!

Walk around the world, visit museums, cultural foundations, go to the cinema or the theater, buy books. Go to concerts or shows. All this is art that embodies the culture, with this heritage of humanity.
Art moves people, fills hearts of magic, understanding and love. Do not add in your mind the disbelief of those who do not believe it possible. Follow your instinct, explore your talents and bring forth humanity everything good and beautiful that contains any creative act.

Artists of the world …

I encourage you to open your hearts and sensibilities of many people as you can. We have the capacity to transmit what is invisible to human eyes. Maybe just it lack that new generations of artists develop their entrepreneurial talents and be applied to his innate talent of creation.

By Gina Portera

Com aconseguir un esdeveniment exitós?

How to make an event successful - copia

To make things go well the first thing to be clear is that the basis of your proposal is consistent, solid and meaningful. The universally equal basis for all is to put all your love into the origins of the project.

Based on the potential of a foundation well nourished by the passion and love that deliver what you do and adding a generous dedication and service to others, be very sure that any project, event or company that you undertake insurance reach the heart of many people. It will be a success.

It is a universal law!

By Gina Pórtera

Desenvolupar la creativitat

Do you fancy  Gina Portera.Developing creativity

¿Do you fancy?

Life continually presents us with new challenges for further growth in all areas, to find new solutions that give us better results being.
Sometimes life puts you on the ropes, for example, to balance a full schedule of tasks to resolve a meal when friends did not give you time to restock your pantry, to spend quality time in the encounter with someone dear. Well … here we managed pretty well.
But what happens when things get complicated? What happens when the strings are tightened more? Imagine, you were very well organized day, your clothes ready to lose no time early, ideas ordered that the day was very very productive and without plans are descuadran. Sacarías sure all your wits for that great day will not be ruined completely.
Well there’s a hint … creativity wakes up when you have to dip your wits and get the best of you to solve any problems.
Very often I hear people say a resounding who are not creative, not noted for their imagination. This is probably due to all, when we think about creativity, imagine that you have to go for a fabric, a few brushes and tubes of paint. What if so good! The reality is different, WE ARE CREATIVE but not all we paint, write or we compose beautiful symphonies.
We all have talent, skills so that when a small problem big, medium or presented, can find a solution to settle the anxiety aroused by the problem. Obviously there are exceptions in cases such as crippling disabilities or in the case of death. In these circumstances life will order another kind of development …
So far I think we agree. But … What happens when what we want is to link creativity emotionality? Here begins the wonderful silent of human expression. When we listen and feel our emotions to any event that captures our attention and we add wit and a good dose of curiosity it is when the stock of ideas begins to have ingredients that predispose the human mind to want to find ways to dump the contents creative.
This is the creativity that is associated with Art. The ability to link what we perceive reality and translate it into a poem, a book, a painting, a song.
Well, surely you will say … And how I develop my creativity if I never painted or played an instrument or writing a book?
It is very easy I assure you, you must be released from the stomach all other beliefs about what is right and what is wrong. That is, give a simple step … I’m going to try something new or different.
I’m not inviting you to do paragliding if you’re sedentary trend or you paint the walls of your home with fluorescent colors. Just a little desencartona your ideas, recycle them, get your ingenuity and curiosity, live life with more open eyes.
Another thing to keep in mind is the dialogue with your brain. He thinks you will not like anything in your mind lady who take the opposite with routines which you used to. Simply silences the mind, take a deep breath and open your heart to want to explore, I assure you that the road is long and full of resources that you’re going to grow as support to be creative you already are.

Try It¡