como la naturaleza inspira mi trabajo Gina Portera
The contact with nature open of creative on all sensible human being.
For me it was definitively leave the city and move my residence to the coast. A village on the Catalan coast, very close to the sea.

The walks along the beach early in the morning or sunset, I have provided unforgettable moments of peace and quiet where I could expand my mind and get carried away by all the stimuli that nature is giving me along I walk.

The influence of the sea, the sun’s heat and light, the breeze and the smell of salt are accompanying me on the tour while I wet my feet in the water. It is a meditative act that is rocking my brain and gradually open to curiosity, search and observation.

Pick shells, ceramics, stones and sea glass, shaped by the salt water and rubbing the sand on the shore, creates forms of infinite beauty.
This is the raw material and then make my “Creations of Author” “Natural Jewelry” and “objects Artefunción”.

In my painting the presence of the sea, land, water and human being is a constant that rooted me to the Mediterranean tradition of love for the manifestations of the natural life and the omnipresent light around me to do.
In short I will present my latest creations that arise from a great love of nature and beauty.

By Gina Portera