gina pórtera selfie

Throughout my entire artistic life on many occasions I have met with the question:

Can you live in art?

For those who have the gift of creation this question always generates a certain perplexity. Input for the Arts, for whom it creates, is not in itself a work through which “expect” live and pay bills. Art is a way of life where the creation is everywhere.
The logical and desirable consequence is that you can live your passion and your gift although that has to pawn all your efforts and resources to achieve it. Also you know that there are plenty of good and talented artists who do not. For those who want to achieve here’s my advice:
Do not believe those who repeat again and again that art does not help to make a living!

Walk around the world, visit museums, cultural foundations, go to the cinema or the theater, buy books. Go to concerts or shows. All this is art that embodies the culture, with this heritage of humanity.
Art moves people, fills hearts of magic, understanding and love. Do not add in your mind the disbelief of those who do not believe it possible. Follow your instinct, explore your talents and bring forth humanity everything good and beautiful that contains any creative act.

Artists of the world …

I encourage you to open your hearts and sensibilities of many people as you can. We have the capacity to transmit what is invisible to human eyes. Maybe just it lack that new generations of artists develop their entrepreneurial talents and be applied to his innate talent of creation.

By Gina Portera